How Can I Help You?

I'm honoured that your taking the next step in your life and I'm here to support you on your Feng Shui Journey. 

How can Feng Shui Help Me?

Feng Shui can help with improving or attracting relationships, resolving family disharmony, boosting wealth and prosperity, removing blocks in your career, resolving sleeping issues, enhancing your health and wellbeing, resolving fertility issues, reducing negativity or anxiety, increasing energy levels and gaining clarity on your goals.

In-person Feng Shui Consultation

Nic comes to your home for a 2-3 hour consultation

During your consultation, Nic will:

  • Map your floorpan to the Bagua.
  • Make recommendations so that you can enhance the Chi in each area of your home and life.
  • Identify areas of stagnation and make recommendations on how to move the Chi for better results.
  • Provide effective strategies for clearing clutter.
  • Make recommendations for furnishings, layout, colours, and interior design to create optimal Chi.
  • Suggest strategies for incorporating the Feng Shui Five Elements (Wood, Water, Earth, Metal and Fire) to create a healthy, harmonic and aesthetically pleasing home AND to support your own Chi.
  • Discuss the Numerology of your home to identify the natural Chi your space already holds and how it can benefit you.
  • Discuss a full Feng Shui analysis of your entryway home exterior and missing corners.
  • Recommend decorating and design enhancements, including paint colour, furniture and finishes.

E-MAIL: [email protected] or call +971 50 252 8601 TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

Distant Feng Shui Consultation

Do you live outside the UAE and you've heard about Nic's Phenomenal Feng Shui Results? You don't have to miss out, Nic provides Skype or FaceTime Distant Feng Shui Consultations.

Is there something not quite right with your home or business? Maybe as soon as you moved in, you felt unsettled or perhaps your health, finances, or relationships suddenly changed. Or maybe you are having trouble selling your home? Is there something not quite right, but you can't put your finger on it?

Whatever your problem, Nic can review your floor plan for Feng Shui challenges and help you to overcome them.

Your consultation with Nic is via Skype or FaceTime at a mutually agreed time for around 1-1.5 hours and includes a full floorpan analysis and Bagua overlay. During the consultation we'll discuss areas of your life and how you can enhance your home to improve those areas.

After you've invested in your consultation, Nic will email you to schedule your consultation. 

What Nic Will Need:

  • Copy of your floor plan (either those provided architecturally or those sketched freehand by you)
  • Photo of the front entrance of your home
  • Photo specifically of your front door
  • Photos of any rooms or areas in which you want Nic to specifically address
  • Photos of any exterior areas you want Nic to review



Feng Shui Consultation for Selling Your Home (or for Real Estate Agents Helping your Client to Sell Their Home)

This one is so close to my heart. Before discovering Feng Shui, our home was on the market for 10 months. Within 3 days of learning about Feng Shui and taking action, our home was sold.

I love helping home owners and realtors to sell their homes! As you'll know from my personal story and experience, Feng Shui can shift the energy in a home and gain a quick sale. 

Check out this client testimonial - "Our house was on the market for nearly a year. We had made many improvements to try and sell it and spent quite a lot of money in the process too. We brought Nic in because despite our efforts, the house just would't sell. We read about Nic and realised that she had experienced something similar to us so we asked her to help us. She came to our home and we walked through the house. She recommended moving some furniture, decluttering including really great tips, and we bought a few small bits that she recommended and cost nothing really. In under a week after her visit, we had an offer on the house. We were delighted. The price of the consultation was so worth it. I highly recommend to anyone selling your house, Nic's your lady, she's like a House Whisperer!”

How long has your house been on the market? What has the feedback been like from viewers. If you're reading this then most likely you have one of those homes that just won't move. The price is right and the owner is motivated but the house just won't sell. There may even be lots of viewing, but there's never a offer. In these cases, there is an energetic reason the home isn't selling and Nic can easily detect the reason and make suggestions to balance and harmonise the energy.

Less than excellent Feng Shui is always the cause for houses failing to sell. Here are some of the reasons a home may not be selling and how Feng Shui can help...

  • Unresolved emotional issues by the homeowners.
  • Predecessor energy from the previous owners.
  • Subconscious holding patterns by the homeowners.
  • Feng Shui problems with the floor plan or furniture arrangement.
  • Underground land disturbances
    Ghost, trauma, or paranormal activity.

If you're a Real Estate Agent, give your client the gift that keeps on giving... a Feng Shui Consultation! If you are a home owner and your house just isn't selling then invest in yourself, it's well worth it.

And once you sell your home, Nic loves working with you in your new home so that from the beginning, you get settled and have your home arranged to help you achieve your goals. She can help with furniture selection and arrangement, space clearing, colour selections and decor recommendations that incorporate beneficial Feng Shui.

E-MAIL: [email protected] or call +971 50 252 8601 TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

In-Person Space Clearing

There is an unseen world of energy in your space – from previous owners, past trauma, discord, illness, arguments, land disturbances, furniture, and emotions – that you are most likely not aware of. However, these energies affect you on a daily basis. Space clearing is an important aspect of Feng Shui that clears out old, stagnant and oftentimes negative energy and invokes positive energy.

A Space Clearing should be done before moving into a new space, especially if trauma, misfortunes, or negativity occurred in the space. Maintenance clearings can be done by the homeowner, however clearing residue from your own negative experiences or patterns is often more effective when performed by an experienced Space Clearing Consultant.

Space Clearing Can Help With:

  • Removing negative or stagnant energy.
  • Clearing energy from previous owners or occupants.
  • Clearing ghosts or unwanted energies.
  • Stopping un-resourceful patterns or habits.
  • Clearing energy from illness or trauma.
  • Clearing energy after recent break-up.
  • Harmonising your entire space.
  • Feeling more energetic
  • Improving well-being

E-MAIL: [email protected] or call +971 50 252 8601 TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

In-Person Consultation for Businesses

Discover the secret weapon that successful organisations around the world use. With the emergence of environmental psychology, more data is being made available as to the impact our spatial environment has on us. Many of these findings correlate directly with Feng Shui practices. Space is like a megaphone for businesses - whatever it projects out will be amplified, negatively or positively.

Whether you have a home office, a storefront, family run business, or large corporation, the space should be congruent to your business. With business clients, I often see that the space doesn't accurately reflect the business' brand or the mission of the business. This creates an incongruent energy and negatively impacts your business in a number of ways.

Feng Shui can benefit your business by:

  • Attracting more business.
  • Unlocking feelings of stagnant in your job or career.
  • Helping to find an auspicious location.
  • Refining an optimal floor plan layout.
  • Attracting clients or customers.
    Increase overall happiness with your job or career.
  • Improving the reputation of your business.
  • Improving the visibility of your business.
  • Creating more efficiency, organisation and workflow.
  • Promoting creative collaboration within your team(s).
  • Removing blocks affecting income or cash flow.
  • Improving employee retention.
  • Clarifying the organisations vision.
  • Improving overall staff morale and happiness levels.
  • Incorporate interiors consistent with your branding.

A business or office in-person consultation is around 2-3 hours. Nic conducts a Feng Shui evaluation of your floor plan and your physical space including building, car parking that belongs to and is attached to the space and the plot. Nic will make suggestions for optimal furniture and furnishings layout to increase Chi flow for employees, clients and customers. She can also provide suggestions to improve areas related to business reputation, first impressions, overall growth and organisational tips for creating better efficiency.

E-MAIL: [email protected] or call +971 50 252 8601 TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

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