The #1 Reason People Come to Feng Shui....

Without a shadow of a doubt, the number one reason people come to Feng Shui is to increase their wealth. Number two is love and number three is career.

So what's Feng Shui got to do with wealth?

I wouldn't necessarily say that Feng Shui gives you wealth but proper application of the principles of Feng Shui can certainly bring wealth, prosperity and greater opportunities your way. By prosperity, I'm talking about all aspects of your life flourishing, with wealth being one of those.

The ultimate goal of Feng Shui is to live and work in spaces (predominantly your home and workplace) that provide the environment to support you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually so that you achieve your goals. In this beneficial environment you'll prosper in many aspects of your life because your environment is nurturing, supporting and inspiring you. Your Chi and the Chi of your environment are magnified when you are aligned with one another and this then brings further opportunities your way. Because you're connected and aligned with your spaces, you attract the opportunities, see them coming, have the energy and the confidence to move forward and you know how to take action to bring them to life for yourself. 

The problem nowadays however is that people are just so busy that they don't fully connect with their spaces and sadly with their inner-selves and this restricts their wealth and prosperity. Oftentimes we get caught up in the material world and doing things others expect of us. We loose connection with the things that really matter in our lives because we loose connection with our authentic selves. So many terminally ill people have been asked what they wish they had done differently in their lives and without a doubt, the answer is never to work harder and make more money. The Guardian reported in 2012 the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying as researched by an Australian nurse and counsellor, Bonnie Ware, who works with terminally ill patients with under 12 weeks to live. As you'll see when you click on the link, the top 5 regrets were:

1. Wishing to have had the courage to live a life true to themselves rather than the life others expected of them.

2. Wishing they hadn't worked so hard because they missed out on their children' youth and partners companionship.

3. Wishing they had the courage to express their feelings rather than settling for a mediocre existence.

4. Wishing they had stayed in touch with their friends.

5. Letting themselves be happier rather than being stuck in old habits and patterns. Happiness is indeed a choice!

Have you ever experienced a time of blockage, confusion, numbness, mediocrity or not knowing where you're going in life? Experiencing life in this way impacts many aspects of your life which slows down opportunities. When opportunities do arise they are often completely missed, misunderstood or not acted upon because the person doesn't know how to take action. All of this results in not reaching your full potential.

So my question to you is - "What are your true authentic goals and dreams?", "If you were living your best life and doing what you loved to do ALL the time, what would your day look like, how would you feel, what would you be doing?" Just close your eyes for a moment and think about these questions.

Have you ever had a time in your life where you've been on top of the world and everything is just going right? If so, then that's because you and your spaces were aligned for where you were at that moment in your life and your spaces were nurturing you. I say at that moment in your life because your spaces will change over time as you change over time so being adaptable is highly recommended.

Now that you've done the exercise above and tuned into your authentic self. Have a look around your home and workspace then write down 5 things in each space that make you feel good about your space and what that brings out in you, how it benefits you, how it fits with your life and how it helps you in achieving your goals. Now write down 5 things that make you feel negative or unhappy, perhaps something that drains your energy. The idea is to enhance your space and empower yourself so that you create an environment that supports you and your personal goals. 

Thank you for your time and energy, I hope you found this article helpful. I love to hear your feedback so please feel free to comment or forward your questions; I'd be honoured to help you (email: [email protected]). If you like this blog and want more Powerful Feng Shui Goodies to Transform Your Home, Business and Life, join our wonderful Facebook Community by clicking here.

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Enjoy your Feng Shui Journey.

Nic x

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