Is A Missing Wealth Corner Impacting Your Finances?

When I walk around neighbourhoods and visit clients for Feng Shui Consultations, I'm stunned by how many homes are built with funky shapes that aren't the standard rectangular or square shaped homes that I grew up in. I used to think they looked very cool until I discovered Feng Shui.

Feng Shui recognises that our lives are intricately and intimately connected with the quality of energy in our home. Therefore, a square or rectangular shaped home is considered complete and is very auspicious because there are no imbalances in the energetic structure of the home.

When I look at clients floor plans, one of my priorities is observing the shape of the home and identifying structural and energetic imbalances, in particular, missing corners. Missing corners are little, indented bite-sized areas of the home structure that are missing as shown in the images below. For example, your front door may be indented or your balcony or terrace. 

When something is missing imbalance is created. Imagine if you were missing a finger, toe or leg there would be many challenges you'd face because of the imbalance. This applies to your home too so when the home is not a complete square or rectangle, the home also faces challenges. 

Identifying missing corners is important because often they hold the key to problems and struggles that we are experiencing in life whether those problems are with finances, romance, health, fertility, career, family, reputation, relationships or spirituality.

Of course, there can be other Feng Shui challenges within your home but today we'll look at how to identify missing corners, how they may be affecting you and for today's blog we'll also cover some recommendations to balance a missing Wealth and Prosperity corner.

Before we go any further, be assured that in Feng Shui there are remedies for 99% of challenges and missing corners are no exception. So, if you do identify missing corners in your home relax, there are remedies you can put in place to harmonise the energy of your home and it's just a matter of learning how to implement the optimal changes.

So, let's begin by learning how to identify missing corners by looking at the Bagua.

What's the Bagua?

The Bagua (pronounced Bagwah) originates from an ancient Chinese book of divination called the 'I Ching' (pronounced eeching) and is a very powerful Chi enhancing tool to apply to your home and other spaces. I've seen and personally experienced many incredible life transformations through applying the Bagua to both my own spaces and that of my clients; ranging from homes that had been on the market for many months selling within hours or just a few days through to improving fertility, increasing wealth, finding a soul mate and more. It's really amazing how small and relevant changes within your home can change the flow of Chi and the direction of your life.

How do I apply the Bagua to my Home?

The Bagua is applied to your home by dividing each floor of your floor plan into 9 equal energetic areas representing distinct parts of your life. In Feng Shui these areas are referred to as Gua's (pronounced Gwaz) and can be viewed in the image below:


Depending on the shape of your home, when the Bagua is mapped to your floor plan the Guas may look square or rectangular in shape.


How do I Map my Home to The Bagua?

To discover the Gua's in your home, follow through my Easy 6 Step Guide below:

Step #1:

Begin by obtaining a copy of your floor plan. Don't write on your original, take a copy. If you don't have your floor plan you may be able to find it with a Google search if it's a fairly new build however always ensure you sense-check the plan against your home layout to ensure it's accurate. As an alternative, you can draw your floor plan freehand.

If you're drawing your floor plan get a piece of A3 or A4 paper (I use A4) for each floor, pencil rather than pen, eraser and ruler. 

To draw your floor plan, start by walking around the external perimeter of your home and getting a feel for the shape. Observe where there are any irregular areas. Perhaps an indented area or a little bit that sticks out from the main straight shape. Are there balconies, patios, decking etc and are they under-roof and attached to your home or not? Measure the external perimeter and sketch out the shape. Begin by drawing the ground floor and use a measurement of 1 meter of home representing 1cm on your sketch. Then sketch the perimeter of other floors. Once you've completed the perimeter shape and scale continue indoors. Observe and note on your plan where walls are, define each room and the function of the room i.e. living room, master bedroom etc, note where entry doors are to the home and each room including the opening direction. Also sketch where windows, built in wardrobes, stoves, toilets, sinks and baths are. Do an overall sense check once everything is drawn and determine how other floors align with the main ground floor entrance.  

Step #2:

Now start mapping your Bagua to the ground floor.

As shown below, orientate your floor plan so that your front door is at the bottom of the page. This may involve turning your plan upside-down, right or left as I've done below.

Even if you don't use your front door very often or at all, the architectural front door of the property is the primary mouth of Chi because this is the prime way that Chi enters your home:

Step #3:

With a ruler and pencil at hand map the Bagua onto your floor plan by drawing a box around the perimeter of your home as can be seen in the diagram below. If the floors of your home aren't the same size then draw the Bagua perimeter to include all points of the home on all floors.

Include garages, patios, terraces, decking and balconies that have a roof attached to and forming part of the homes main structure and an entry door or patio door into the home (if there is only a window then that area would be excluded from the home Bagua). If the garage, patios etc don't have a roof that is directly joined and part of the structure of the home then exclude them for the purpose of determining the home Bagua. If you're not too sure, email me your floor plan and a picture of your home with the area in question to [email protected] and I'll help you.

As you can see from the image below, there is a window between the maid's room and the attached garage but no door, so for this home, the garage wouldn't be included in the Bagua as shown below. Neither would the terrace at the bottom left corner because this doesn't have a roof. The terrace at the top left corner has been included despite not having a roof because the Bagua forms a rectangle or square shape around the main structure so this outdoor terrace without a roof is classed as a 'Missing Corner' which we'll discuss shortly.

By contrast, if the same home had a door from the garage into the maid's room, the garage would be included in the Bagua because it would be under roof, attached by a door entering the property from the garage and would form part of the main attached structure of the home. So, the perimeter of the Bagua would be drawn like this: 

Step #4:

Use your ruler to divide the perimeter box into 9 equal areas and draw the relevant lines as shown in the image below: 

Step #5:

Add the life-areas from the Bagua Map above to identify each Gua of your home. So, in the top left corner will be the Wealth & Prosperity Gua and in the top right will be the Love & Marriage Gua and so on.

Note that if the garage had been included in the Bagua, the vast majority of 3 Gua's would have been in the external garage/outside of the main home:

Step #6:

For the purpose of this blog, we are discussing Missing Wealth & Prosperity Corners so look at the top left Gua to determine whether there is part of your home structure that's outside the main walls of your home.

As you can see from the below image, this floor plan has a Missing Wealth & Prosperity Corner represented by the outdoor terrace area.

For completeness purposes, the image below shows the other missing corners highlighted in yellow. There's a slither of a missing corner in the Family & Health Gua, an indented front door which is a missing corner in both Career & Life Purpose and Helpful People & Travel and a missing corner in both Love & Marriage and Creativity & Children.

Other Floors

If you have more than one floor to your home then each floor is stacked on top of the other with the Bagua orientated the same way as for the ground floor. If other floors have a different shape there may be additional missing corners or extensions.


How do I Know if I Have a Missing Corner or an Extension?

In the image below you'll see that a missing corner is a small bite-sized indented area of less than half the length of the home which forms part of the homes Bagua. By contrast, an extension is a small protrusion of less than half the length of the home and resides outside of the homes Bagua.  

The Bagua perimeter is represented below by the red box and you can see that missing corners form part of the Bagua whereas extensions fall outside of the Bagua. 


How Could a Missing Wealth & Prosperity Corner Affect Me?

Occupants of homes with missing Wealth & Prosperity corners often find that they don't have sufficient finances. Perhaps they're spending more than they're earning, or the occupants' earnings have plateaued, maybe there has been a redundancy, or one of the occupants has decided to take time out from working or has begun a new business venture that's not financially wealthy at the moment.

Perhaps general life prosperity is less than excellent. Remember that this Gua is Wealth & Prosperity so other areas of the occupants' lives could be less than prosperous for example relationships, career and so on.

The great news is that by simple enhancements and intentions, missing corners can be literally or symbolically completed and Chi can be balanced and enhanced in these areas.


What Can I do to Enhance the Chi of My Missing Wealth & Prosperity Corner?

You can complete the shape of your home structure by literally or symbolically including the missing corner into the overall structure which we'll delve into further below. You can also enhance the Chi of the missing Wealth & Prosperity Gua from the inside of your home. Finally, you can enhance the Wealth & Prosperity Gua of each room in your home, your garden, balcony/terrace etc as well as the entire plot because the Bagua can be applied to a desk, a cubicle, a room, a garden, an outdoor space like terrace/patio/balcony, a floor in the home, the home and the entire plot of the home. The Bagua is applied in the same way so if we were looking at a room, the Bagua would be orientated to the entry door of the room, the room would be divided into 9 equal areas and the top left Gua would be Wealth & Prosperity.

Remember to connect with yourself and what you'd like to achieve by adding the enhancement and use that intention to infuse the enhancement, Gua and Space. 

Literally or Symbolically Including the Missing Corner

Your missing corner may visually blend into your garden or other surroundings and may be grass, paved, tiled, sand or stone typically. 

A literal inclusion of the missing corner tends to be a more expensive option but this is by no means your only option.

To literally include the missing corner, you could square off the area by bringing the missing structure indoors through either creating an additional room or extending a current room. You could also create a covered patio, decking area, terrace, balcony or similar structure which with enough substance, literally completes the shape.

Symbolical completion of the missing corner is a more affordable option and means that you would define the area rather than physically completing the missing corner. This can be done by adding fencing around the perimeter of the missing corner to complete the shape with the structure and/or landscaping the missing corner.

The missing corner can also be completed by grounding the corner where the home would be if it were a complete square or rectangle as shown below. In the corner marked by the red circle in the image below placement of a substantial object such as a flagpole, lamp post, big rock(s)/boulder(s), tree, large sculpture or a large potted plant could be added to energetically square off the missing area. Another option is to bury a large natural quartz crystal at the corner point an inch or two underground with the crystal point facing upwards.  


External Chi Enhancement of the Wealth & Prosperity Missing Corner

The most effective way to enhance a missing corner is to create harmony by introducing the elements of the Gua and relevant associations both internally and externally.  

The Wealth & Prosperity Gua is associated with 'Persistent Wind' as noted in the Bagua Map above. Wind chimes are therefore an excellent outdoor enhancement that helps to attract beneficial Chi both by sound and Gua association.  

Although the Gua of Wealth & Prosperity isn't strictly associated with one of the 5 Elements of Feng Shui, this Gua is widely accepted as being a 'Wood Element' so adding Wooden objects, trees, plants, tall furniture/items (especially wooden), stripes and floral patterns, bamboo, wicker furniture, wood or wind-related artwork and column or pillar type shapes is auspicious. As is the addition of the Gua colours which are blues, purples and reds. Greens are also a good colour choice as these are wood element colours (along with blues).

Because the 'Wood Element' is strengthened by the 'Water Element' (water nourishes wood) adding water associated objects is also beneficial such as the colour black and other darker colour tones, water features (water fountain, bird bath, waterfall, pond and pool are the most popular), glass, crystals and mirrors.

Internal Chi Enhancement of the Wealth & Prosperity Missing Corner

Internally, a window or patio doors create an energetic connection between the missing corner and the internal home. This is further magnified by placing a Feng Shui Crystal on a 9-inch red string in the middle of the window/patio door as shown in the image below:

If there's only a wall with no door or window separating the missing corner and the internal area of the home, a large mirror opens the connection as does a 3D image of something that represents Wealth & Prosperity to you. Images with trees, plants, forests and/or flowing water (streams and waterfalls) are an excellent choice and enhance the wood and water elements. My recommendation is to choose artwork that means something to you and makes your heart sing. If you can't find the right image begin by using a Google search for ideas and both Shutterstock and Dreamstime have a huge selection of images that you can buy inexpensively as a JPEG then have them made into a canvas or framed image. I used a place called Digiphotos to make my canvases. Everything is done online and delivered to my home, all I do is email the image, select the size and delivery schedule and have the canvases wall mounted when they're delivered.

If the internal area connected to the missing corner forms part of the Wealth & Prosperity Gua then excellent choices include round-leaved upwards growing plants like the jade plant (toxic to cats), plants that bloom in the Gua colours of red/purple/blue and lucky bamboo or 8 stalks of bamboo (non-toxic to cats) in a vase. If you don't have a green thumb then silk flowers in the Gua colours is a good choice.

Remember, enhancements in the Wealth & Prosperity Gua include anything that represents wealth and prosperity to you so this could be an image, valuable personal belongings like much-loved antiques or precious jewellery, a prosperity bowl with a mirror underneath (mirrors expand whatever they reflect), fresh flowers, a water feature (even a little tabletop fountain or aquarium), wooden furniture and ornaments, wicker furniture and baskets and quotes and affirmations related to wealth and prosperity. Also stripes and floral designs, column and pillar-shaped objects and the colours blue/red/purple/green.

There are also more traditional Chinese Wealth & Prosperity enhancements like Wealth Ships, Wealth Vases, Chinese Coins, Laughing Buddha and many others. If you're a Westerner these enhancements may not suit your tastes so as always only have things around you that you absolutely love, that serve a purpose and are in good condition. 

Chi Enhancement of the Wealth & Prosperity Gua of Each Room in Your Home

I'm assuming that because you're reading this part of the blog that you've identified a missing Wealth & Prosperity corner in your home. To balance the missing corner, I strongly recommend enhancing the Wealth & Prosperity Gua of each room in your home and the entire plot. This is done in the same way as you did for each floor. So, begin by orientating the Bagua to the door of each room and divide the room into 9 equal areas. The Wealth & Prosperity Gua is on the upper left. The same method is used for the plot, balconies, terraces and the like.

In terms of enhancing the Gua in each room through to your plot, follow the recommendations above.

Before making enhancement, I also strongly advise decluttering all Wealth & Prosperity Guas (plot, garden, balcony, terrace, each floor of the home and all rooms). To help you with decluttering please feel free to get my complementary Guide 'Top 7 Steps to Getting Your Decluttering Bug On', by clicking here

Thank you for your time and energy, I hope you found this article helpful. I love to hear your feedback so please feel free to comment or forward your questions; I'd be honoured to help you (email: [email protected]). If you like this blog and want more Powerful Feng Shui Goodies to Transform Your Home, Health, Business and Life join our wonderful Facebook Community by clicking here.

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Finally, can you please do me a favour? Share this blog with friends and family to help them improve their Wealth, Health and Prosperity and really enjoy their spaces.

Enjoy your Feng Shui Journey.

Nic x

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