8 Tips for Great Bathroom Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, bathrooms get some really bad press, especially for those applying the Bagua to the home/space. I'm often asked what Gua is the best for bathroom placement or alternatively the worst. For me bathrooms aren't really about the best or worst placement, they are like every other room in the house and can be enhanced just like any other room. 

So what's the reason that people are so hung up on bathrooms then?

Many Feng Shui enthusiasts believe that beneficial Chi escapes through bathroom pipes and down the toilet resulting in reduced vibrational flow of Chi throughout the space and in particular within the bathroom. I often hear bathrooms being linked to poor wealth through the phrase 'money down the drain/toilet'. Admittedly Chi is attracted to water, especially moving water so I can see the argument there however water in a bathroom isn't moving consistently and as I've mentioned in most of my other blogs, there are cures for 99.9% of Feng Shui challenges so I don't consider bathrooms a problem. In fact we have 4 bathrooms in our current home and one of my favourite rooms in my home is my en-suite. There is such a great accumulation of Chi in this bathroom.

Today I'll share 8 Tips with you so that you can create great Chi in your bathrooms too, irrespective of their location in your home.

Tips #1 - Create the Spa Feel/Look

Create a luxurious spa feel to your bathroom.

Imagine this, walking into a beautiful relaxing stunning spa for a collection of extravagant treatments. Visualise the most beautiful spa you've ever seen (could be one you've visited or one you've seen in a magazine) and feel how this luxurious setting makes you feel. Now connect with what you're visualising and feeling as you move through into the stunning bathroom in the spa. What's in there that you love and that gives the bathroom this luxurious feel? Is it the rich colours, beautiful candles or perhaps it's the toiletries or the thick and soft rolled up hand towels or maybe the beautiful smells. Whatever it is for you, whether its accessories that your seeing, amazing smells your smelling or that sense of relaxation and richness; all of this can be re-created in your bathroom. These days, we are fortunate enough to be able to easily acquire luxurious looking bathroom accessories without breaking the bank. Even if you don't yet have the finances to install a sunken bath or that huge shower, you can still create an amazing luxurious spa feeling through reasonably priced accessories.

I also regularly see beautiful flowers or plants in spa's and I have to say they are an awesome addition in bathrooms too. Depending on your selection, flowers and plants can also bring good air quality to your space (refer to the NASA air purifying plants). If you don't have green fingers or you have limited time to look after plants then choose something low maintenance like bamboo stalks. You can easily put some tall stalks into a vase and change the water once or twice a week. Bamboo is also fabulous if you have cats and dogs because they are non-toxic.

So you might be wondering how creating a wonderful spa feeling helps with loss of Chi in bathrooms. That's a really great question to ask. Consider this, if you go into a dirty and poorly presented bathroom that smells bad, you just want to escape immediately don't you? You might not want to use the bathroom, even if you are desperate. Well guess what, that's how Chi responds to poorly presented bathrooms too, resulting in a loss of beneficial Chi as the energy quickly exits the bathroom. If on the other hand, you create a beautiful bathroom, Chi wants to slow down, linger there and flow all around the space absorbing and infusing the beauty just as you do in a beautiful spa bathroom.

Tip #2 - Infuse your Bathroom with Colours you Love

When you introduce your luxurious accessories why not begin with selecting colours that you absolutely adore. It's amazing how we as humans respond to colour, so switch on your senses and go get those luxurious towels and other accessories in the colours you love, love, love.

If you are overlaying the Bagua on your floor plan then you have the option of increasing your prosperity and abundance in each of the areas of your life by welcoming the relevant colour scheme into your bathroom(s). Although I caveat this by saying that if you don't like the Gua colours then the good Chi of bringing them into the space will be negated by your feelings towards colours you're not fond of. In this case, I recommend selecting colours you love for your bathroom(s).

Tip #3 - Display Bathroom Appropriate Images that you Love

What an amazing difference great or interesting images on the walls of the bathroom make, even just one or two images. They have a way of catching your eye and where the eye goes, Chi flows. What this means is that Chi is attracted to the image, it slows down and meanders in the space rather than rushing down the drain. I can't tell you how many 'bare wall' bathrooms I've been in and how the space has really changed after hanging canvases or framed images. Remember bathroom appropriate images so no images of you or your family - in fact avoid images of people altogether. If you're applying the Bagua then colour/shape/image relevant is great. 

Tip #4 - Keep your Bathroom(s) Decluttered and Clean

Declutter your bathroom(s) by disposing of empty bottles of toiletries. Empty the bathroom bin regularly. Use built in storage space if you have some. I've visited so many bathrooms with stuff all over the place and then seen the transformation that's taken place after decluttering, properly storing toiletries, cleaning and accessorising - it's amazing!

Tip #5 - Nice Big Mirror

I know that some Feng Shui enthusiasts recommend placing big mirrors in the bathroom to 'bounce the Chi straight back out again' however I don't recommend having this mindset. All areas in your home and business need to be infused with Chi because the different parts of our lives are intertwined with one another. By ignoring one part of our space and hence our life i.e. the health Gua, we are creating a ripple of consequences for other parts of our lives i.e. career, love, reputation and so on.

My recommendation for a big mirror is more of a practical suggestion so that you can look after yourself and get yourself ready. Although if you prefer to do this in another room like your bedroom then no mirror is needed in the bathroom.

Tip #6 - Great Lighting

Great lighting is excellent Chi for every room in your home, especially when the lighting is natural. However with the configuration of spaces, I know that bathroom placement can result in some bathrooms not having access to natural lighting.

Whether your bathroom(s) have great natural lighting or not, bathrooms are used during times of darkness as well as light so having great artificial lighting is also a good idea. There are some effective and affordable options if your bathroom does't have good lighting so remember to check those out. Being able to see ourselves with good lighting allows us to metaphorically see ourselves in a good light and thus boosts self-image.

Tip #7 - Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can drain our health, energy and wealth. This includes leaky faucets/pipes, drainage issues or sewage smells in the bathroom.

From a practical point of view leaks also increase our water bills.

Blocked or poorly moving drains can represent stagnation in life, feeling overwhelmed or confused, blocks in wealth/prosperity, reduced lung capacity and poor health.   

Conversely, a drain plug that doesn't keep water in the sink when in place can have the same affect as a leaky faucet whereby health, energy and wealth continue trickling down the drain.

For all or any of these issues, I strongly recommend immediately investing resources to identify the issue and fully rectify it asap. Also consider if there is something going on emotionally for you that needs to be voiced and/or processed because pluming is associated with emotions. If the plumbing is fixed but you don't deal with your emotions, then the issues are likely to rear their ugly head again.

Tip #8 - Toilet Seat Down and Drain/Plug Covers

Keeping the toilet seat down when not in use, putting drain covers over drains on the floor and sink stoppers into the sink, all prevent Chi from quickly leaving through the drainage system. 

Another recommendation that may appeal to some of you is tying a 9 inch red ribbon around outgoing pipes. Red is an auspicious Feng Shui colour and this cure is thought to neutralise Chi exiting from the pipes.

Thank you for your time and energy, I hope you found this article helpful. I love to hear your feedback so please feel free to comment or forward your questions; I'd be honoured to help you (email: [email protected]). If you like this blog and want more Powerful Feng Shui Goodies to Transform Your Home, Business and Life, join our wonderful Facebook Community by clicking here.

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Enjoy your Feng Shui Journey.

Nic x

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