7 Reasons Why Your Children Aren't Sleeping Well And The Feng Shui Remedies

Do you get frustrated with your little one(s) awakening super early in the morning or perhaps not going to bed when you want them to? Maybe you've tried all the regular hints and tips like blackout curtains, temperature controlling the room, bedtime routines and a sleep clock. Perhaps none of them has worked or more importantly, consistently worked. 

I believe that it's not just a matter of putting in a few bedroom quick-fixes. I believe that it's more about changing the energy in your children's bedroom to one that's aligned with sleeping.

Your children are sleeping for about half of their lives, and more for babies and young toddlers, so the energy of the space that we sleep in is incredibly important. When we're sleeping our bodies are performing amazing functions needed to help us not just survive in the world but to thrive. Sleep science shares with us that while we're sleeping, our bodies repair themselves, grow, store and consolidate our memories, help us to think, reason and make better decisions and so much more. For these reasons, I believe that it's crucial for everyone to get the bedroom energy right and especially the bed itself because that's the energy that we are directly in contact with as we sleep.

So, let's take a look at the 7 most common reasons why your children aren't sleeping well and the Feng Shui remedies to aid in a better nights sleep.

#1 - Multi-Purpose Bedrooms

Unfortunately, most children have multi-purpose bedrooms where they play in their bedroom as well as sleeping there. This gives the energy of the bedroom mixed signals because bedrooms are Yin environments of rest, relaxation, and restoration. By contrast, playing needs a Yang environment of activity, fun and movement. When we combine both environments into one room, this confuses the energy of the room and the subconscious of its occupants, resulting in sleep problems. 

The single best remedy for this issue is to create a separate playroom, study room or whatever is relevant for your child's age, and keep the bedroom as a place for sleeping only. Now I know that not everyone has the ability to make this happen because of space and configuration restrictions so here are a few other ideas for you to play around with. 

The second best option would be to create a dedicated playing area in the living space of your home because the living space is also an active Yang environment.   

Another option, although this would be a final option for me, if the bedroom has sufficient space then have the playing area separated from the sleeping area by building a wall to create two rooms in place of one. Or a more economical option would be to use a tall solid room divider which creates a boundary to separate the energies of both environments.

If you have a garden, I would highly recommend creating a dedicated area of the garden as your children's playing area; because being outdoors and connecting with nature is very beneficial and your children are more likely to explore the outdoors where they have a dedicated area for themselves. The most auspicious placement for a play area is in the 'Creativity & Children Gua' of the Bagua. For more information on the Bagua and how to identify the Creativity and Children Gua, refer to this blog.

#2 - The Bed

The best bed design is of solid wood with a solid headboard and no under bed storage so something like this:

The reason for recommending a wooden bed is that they are solid, durable and not a conductive material. I often see metal beds and metal is an energy conductor so the added active energy can disrupt sleep patterns.

The bed in the image above also has the added safety advantage of round edges, so a big Feng Shui thumbs up because safety is the #1 recommendation in Feng Shui.

Beds with an open space underneath like the one in the image above, are auspicious in Feng Shui because they provide great space for Chi to circulate all around your little one as he/she sleeps. If your child's bed has drawers underneath, I recommend that you only store linens in the drawers because toys and other active materials communicate to the subconscious that bedroom time is not a time to sleep it's a time to play!

#3 - Bed Placement

The optimal placement for your little one's bed is:

  1. Headboard against a solid wall for added strong protective energy as he/she sleeps. Remember to check out what's on the other side of the wall because having a bathroom on the other side of the wall from the headboard is less than excellent Chi and it would be advisable to move the bed to another wall.

  2. Good solid headboard for strength and support. Wooden headboards are a great choice.

  3. Space around the sides, bottom and underneath the bed for optimal Chi flow as your little one sleeps.

    A common issue I see in childrens bedrooms is the bed against a wall. This restricts the flow of Chi around the bed so I would recommend moving the bed so that there is open space at either side and at the bottom of the bed.

  4. Ideally two bedside tables with similar content. One is okay but lacks symmetrical balance and grounding.

    We use Himalayan Salt Lamps on both bedside tables as lights which have many great health and wellbeing benefits including increasing serotonin levels which is beneficial for sleep. 

    I recommend rounded corners on all bedroom furniture, including the bedside tables, rather than sharp pointed corners which creates Sha Chi. Sha Chi is less than auspicious Chi which from a bedroom furniture point of view, is created by a build-up of energy from pointed corners that is then directed in a fast motion towards anything in its path. Typically with a bedside table, the Sha Chi is directed towards your little one's central body as he/she sleeps. One of the outcomes of Sha Chi in the bedroom is disrupted sleep patterns but also more serious health issues can also transpire.

    My top 3 recommendations for if your little ones bedside table(s) have pointed edges is: rounding the edges off by sanding them and recolouring if required, putting a corner bumper on each of the corners or draping them with material to soften the edges.

    Also, check your little ones other bedroom furniture for sharp edges where Sha Chi may be pointed towards your child's body as he/she sleeps and remedy as above.

  5. Comfortable mattress.

  6. Position the bed in the optimal Chi bed position which is where your little one can see the door from the bed. However, the bed shouldn't be positioned on the same wall as the door or directly across from the door.

  7. If your little one has an en-suite in their bedroom and/or patio doors, position the bed so that it's not in line with any of the doors. If you can't position the bed in any other way and it does line up with a door then tastefully position a piece of furniture between the bed and door to interrupt the Chi flow between them and/or hang a Feng Shui Crystal from the ceiling on a 9-inch piece of string between the bed and door. Yes, I finally mentioned a Feng Shui Crystal! They are lovely and children love them too.

#4 - Reduce EMF's

EMF's are Electromagnetic Fields which are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation. EMF's are associated with manmade electrical devices such as wifi, microwaves, computers, mobiles, electrical lighting, sterios, TV's and so on. The problem is, that when this type of energy is high and near your body, it may cause damaging microwaves and free radicals within the body. There's a substantial amount of research that's been done in this area and the results have show that high EMF exposure can be a contributor to insomnia, anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer's, brain fog, vertigo, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, cancer, infertility and common heart problems. As a result of these sleep, health and wellness concerns, I recommend removing all electrical equipment from your little one's bedroom and from all bedrooms.

If your child needs an alarm clock, choose a battery operated clock. If the clock screen lights up then position it away from your child as he/she sleeps so that the light doesn't awaken your child.

If your little one is a baby or young toddler and you feel safer with a baby monitor, then choose a hard-wired rather than wireless monitor because EMF's are lower and you won't have to keep wifi on all night either. Analog monitors are a better choice than digital and if you can find one that is non-pulsing and low frequency, in the 35-50 MHz range, then that would be a better choice. Even analog monitors, however, should be kept at least 3 feet from your little one's bed and if possible, used sparingly.

If your child has a music system then turn it off at the socket overnight rather than leaving it on standby, and keep it at a safe distance as mentioned above.

If your child has a mobile phone, I recommend keeping them switched off overnight and out of the bedroom.

Also be mindful of EMF's in the immediate vicinity. Check what electrical appliances are on the other side of the wall from your little one's bedroom and especially their headboard. For example: Is there a kitchen on the other side of the wall? What appliances are near the wall - a microwave, fridge etc? Is the wifi connector on the opposite wall? I recommend turning the wifi off when you're out and overnight to reduce EMF's in your home. So be your own detective and go check it out and make changes as necessary. You can contact me at [email protected] if you need help.

#5 - Colour

It's amazing how our body and mind responds in certain ways to certain colours, isn't it? What's your favourite colour? What colours are you not so fond of? Guess what? Your little ones will have certain reactions, just as you have, with certain colours. If your little one is at an age that they can communicate feelings on colours, ask him/her what colour he/she likes for helping to sleep. Ask what colours they think are calm and soothing.

From a Feng Shui viewpoint, skin tones are excellent colours to use in the bedroom. This includes the colour spectrum of whites through to pinks, beiges and chocolates. 

On my Feng Shui Consultations, I tend to see children's bedrooms in greens or blues for boys and pinks and purples for girls. Greens and blues can be beautiful depending on the colour and tone but more importantly, if these colours dominate the bedroom, a cold feeling can be created rather than a cosy feeling of safety and sleepiness, especially with blue. Pinks can often be of the louder more magenta type that encourages fun and play rather than a softer pink skin tone of calm and peacefulness.

So when you walk into your children's bedroom next, connect with the colours and ask yourself, what ambience is created in this room and consider whether that ambience is disrupting your little ones sleep?

#6 - Messages

Now that you've connected with the colour of your little one's bedroom, what other sleep-disrupting messages are in the bedroom? Is there literal messages like this one, telling your child to PLAY?:

Wall decals can be so beautiful and very purposeful, especially when they're promoting the right message for the room function like the one below:

Does your children's bedroom have themes that encourage activity rather than sleep such as wallpaper, decal or beds that representing moving items like planes, rockets, cars, trucks, engines, merry go rounds and so on? Think about changing the theme to a more restful theme or perhaps no theme and restful colours.

If your child has sleep problems and a car, boat or some like themed bed, I would encourage you to change the bed because you've guessed it, the message it's sending is contributing to the sleep issues:

#7 - Toys

The presence of toys, arts and crafts and so on sends a similar message to the subconscious as we've talked about in this article, one of activity which is in direct conflict with sleeping. So kick those toys out of the bedroom and let sleep filled night drift in.


To summarise, the intention of this article is to help both your children and yourselves achieve more restful sleep. Trust me I know how frustrating and exhausting sleep disturbance is and how it impacts your everyday quality of life. Getting sufficient sleep is important to the health and well-being of the whole family so please share the love and pass this blog onto another family in need.

I hope that you've enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it and I that you'll be sleeping soundly after remedying your Feng Shui misalignments. I'd love to hear how your children's sleeping patterns change after implementing these recommendations so please drop me an email at [email protected] or comment below. 

Thank you for your time and energy and if you have queries or would like further help, feel free to contact me on the email above. If you like this blog and would like more Powerful Feng Shui Goodies to Transform Your Home, Business, Health and Life, join our wonderful Facebook Community by clicking here.

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Finally, can you please do me a favour? Share this blog with friends and family, especially those in need of a good night sleep. Thank so much.

Enjoy your Feng Shui Journey.

Nic x


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